3 Curly Girl Must-haves

3 Curly Girl Must-haves

Looking for the perfect products for your curls? That can take years. Not to mention the accessories that style your hair exactly the way you want it. We know. So! To make your life as a Curlygirl just a little bit easier, we have listed a number of essential Curly Must-haves especially for you.

Spray bottle
Because water is the foundation for healthy curly hair — and because we prefer to have our head in the clouds instead of in a sink — the spray bottle is a real must-have. Use the Curlygirlmovement Mist Spray Bottle for this. The name says it all... This bottle sprays ultra-fine mist particles your way, with which you quickly and effortlessly apply exactly the right amount of moisture to your curls. Not only is the aesthetic of the bottle to die for, but this full package bottle is also refillable and constant. It keeps spraying when you only press the lever a few times! Minimal input, maximum outcome. Just the way we like it. So what are you waiting for? Get yours!

Microfiber towel
We all wrap our hair in a towel after we have washed it. Unfortunately, our curls are more prone to frizz and break more easily than other hair types. To avoid this, a microfiber towel is a must-have tool.

Earlier this year, Shamilla, Founder & Creator of Curlygirlmovement, introduced the magic Curly Hair Towel! It is miles ahead of the average microfiber towel due to its unique concept. Because the towel contains two different fabrics, you can go for the look you desire at that moment! One side is made of microfiber fabric with a fine waffle weave. This absorbs more moisture from your hair and thus provides extra volume. Whereas the other side is a fabric blend of polyester and polyamide. This removes less moisture from the hair and gives you more definition. Perfect for any curlyhead with mood swings. So… pick a side!

Sleeping Cap
Okay… it might not be very charming (or advisable for a first date), but trust us, your curls will thank you! You wouldn't think so, but we move a lot in our sleep. The chafing hair against your bed and pillow can cause tangles and even breakage of the hair. Nobody wants that, so a nightcap is always a nice tool to have at home!

The Sleeping Cap has also been developed using the same fabrics as the Curly Hair Towel. The inside of the Cap is made of a soft fabric that prevents frizz. Your role in this? Not that much, really: flip your hair over, then pull the cap over your head from back to front and tuck all your curls in it. Piece of cake, right? Because the elastic is stretchable and the cap is available in different sizes, it is always comfortable, and you sleep like a baby.

The good news: all these Must-have Tools are available in our salon and webshop!

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