3 curly girl musthaves

3 Curly Girl Musthaves: our favorite CG Method products

Looking for the perfect products for your curls while following the Curly Girl Method?

That could take years. Not to mention the accessories that style your hair exactly how you want it. We know it, so we want to help you!

To make your life as a Curlygirl just a little bit easier, we have listed some essential Curly Must-haves especially for you that are of course suitable in combination with the Curly Girl Method.

But first we will tell you a little bit more about the Curly Girl Method.

What are Curly Girl products?

Curly Girl products are hair products that are suitable for the Curly Girl Method. The CG Method is all about avoiding certain ingredients.

Important requirements are that these hair products do not contain silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, wax and drying alcohol.

Silicones and mineral oils put a kind of sealing layer around your curls. This suffocates your hair and prevents moisture and other styling products from penetrating your hair. As a result, your hair dries out. And you'd rather not have that.

Which CG products are suitable for my curl type?

Wavy curls: if you have wavy curls it is best to use light products. Think of a hair spray or a mousse.

Coarse curls/spiral curls: do you have coarse curls or spiral curls? Then you can use heavier products such as a gel.

Ecological CG products

There are also curly girls who prefer to use only Eco curly girl products during the Curly Girl Method.

This means that the products are only made from natural ingredients.

Extra consideration is given to the environment during the production of these CG products. For example, the packaging is made from recycled plastic.

You can use the Curly Girl Method even if you don't have curls.

How do I get started with the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method is a hair care method for naturally curly hair invented by Lorraine Massey. You use CG products during this CG method that are completely curly girl proof.

With the Curly Girl Method, using a normal shampoo is a thing of the past. You wash your curls almost exclusively with a conditioner (co-wash).

Before you start, you use a final wash. A final wash contains sulfates that make sure your curls are completely clean before you start the Curly Girl Method.

Do you often suffer from build up? Then you can also wash your hair again with a final wash.

A normal shampoo is harmful to your hair because it contains harsh cleansers. These harmful ingredients clean so hard that they also wash away your hair's natural oils. This affects the structure of your hair.

Remember that every curly girl is different. What works for one curly girl may not necessarily work for another curly girl. Therefore, it is always experimenting with which hair product works best for your hair type.

What product is best to use if I do want to shampoo my hair?

There are also shampoos made to suit the Curly Girl Method.

These Curly Girl products gently wash your hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

In a shampoo suitable for the Curly Girl Method, ingredients such as silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, wax and drying alcohol are avoided.

If you do use a shampoo, preferably wash only your scalp. Also, choose a CG-friendly sulfate-free shampoo.

Your scalp will have to get used to no longer using a sulfate shampoo. So your hair and scalp may feel a little greasy at first, but that will lessen after a while.

Curly Girl Musthave 1: the Spray Bottle

What is the Spray Bottle?

The name says it all... This spray bottle blows ultra fine mist particles your way to quickly and effortlessly give your curls just the right amount of moisture. So you easily grant your curls extra hydration.

Why is the Spray Bottle a must-have for my curls?

Because water is the foundation for healthy curly hair - and we'd rather have our heads in the clouds instead of a sink - the spray bottle is a real Must-have.

Not only is the look of the bottle to fall in love with, but this full package bottle is refillable and constant.

So it keeps spraying whenever you press the lever just a few times! Minimal input, maximum outcome. Just the way we like it. So what are you waiting for? Get yours!

Is the Spray Bottle CG friendly?

Yes, the Spray Bottle can be used in conjunction with the Curly Girl Method.

How do I use the Spray Bottle?

You can easily (re)fill the Spray Bottle with water. Sometimes you have to pump a few times to get the spray going. Use the Spray Bottle on your dry curls.

Make sure you don't spray too much, because you don't want to get completely wet hair. Dispense so that your hair gets damp.

You can use the Spray Bottle to give your hair a refresher without washing your hair. For example, you can get right out the next morning!

Curly Girl Musthave 2: the Microfiber towel

What is a Microfiber towel?

We like to wrap our coarse curls, spiral curls or any other type of curls in a towel after we wash our curls.

However due to the rough material of a normal towel, curls will dry, but on the other hand, unfortunately, curls are more prone to frizz and break off faster than other hair types.

In fact, curls damage because of the friction between your curls and the material.

Therefore, a microfiber target or a hydrophilic cloth is much more suitable for curly hair. To create defined curls and at the same time healthy curls, our Microfiber towel is a tool not to be missed under a Curlygirl roof!

Why is the Microfiber towel a must for my curls?

Earlier this year, Shamilla, Founder & Creator of Curlygirlmovement, introduced the magic Curly Hair Towel!

This is way ahead of the average microfiber towel because of its unique concept. Because the towel contains two different fabrics, you can go for the look you want at the time!

One side is made of microfiber fabric with a fine waffle texture. This absorbs more moisture from your hair and thus provides extra volume.

While the other side is a fabric blend of polyester and polyamide. This removes less moisture from the hair and actually gives you more definition.

Perfect for any curly hair with moodswings. So... pick a side!

Is the Microfiber towel suitable for the Curly Girl Method?

Yes, the Microfiber towel is suitable for the Curly Girl Method because of its microfiber fabric.

How do I use the Microfiber towel?

After shampooing, comb or brush your hair before applying styling products. Shake your curls loose with your head upside down. Gently place your curls in the towel. Do this slowly so your curls don't get damaged. Your curls are most vulnerable when they are wet.

Curly Girl Musthave 3: the Sleeping Cap

What is a Sleeping Cap?

You wouldn't think it, but we move around a lot while sleeping. Rubbing hair against your bed and pillow can cause tangles and even hair breakage.

Nobody wants that, so a sleeping cap is always a nice tool to have in the house!

Ok... maybe not very charming (or advisable for a first date), but trust us, your curls will thank you!

Why is the Sleeping Cap a must for my curls?

Using the same fabrics as the Curly Hair Towel, the Sleeping Cap was also developed. The inside of the Cap is made of a soft microfiber fabric that prevents lint.

Because the elastic band is stretchy and the cap comes in different sizes, it will always fit comfortably and you will sleep like a baby.

Is the Sleeping Cap suitable for the Curly Girl Method?

Yes, because the Sleeping Cap is made of microfiber it is suitable in combination with the Curly Girl Method. This fabric keeps your hair from breaking off.

How do I use the Sleeping Cap?

Your job in this story? Not that much really: flip your hair forward, then pull the cap over your head from back to front and stuff all your curls in it. Piece of cake, right?

These were our three curly girl product must haves! The good news: all these Must Have Tools are available in our salon and webshop!

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