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Curly Hair Towel
Curly Hair Towel
Curly Hair Towel

Curly Hair Towel

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A multifunctional towel and must-have for every Curlygirl! On one side, you will find a microfiber fabric with a very nice waffle weave, while the other side offers a fine fabric blend of polyester and polyamide.

CG Friendly

Easy to use

Curly Hair Towel



Side A ensures that just a little more moisture is removed from your hair so that it dries faster and becomes more voluminous. Side B ensures that less moisture is removed from the hair and thus brings out more definition. For Curlygirls with a drier hair structure, this side is a godsend! Both sides are super gentle on the hair, preventing frizz and hair breakage.


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This towel can be used in various ways:

To remove some extra moisture from the hair after showering before adding the styling products.

After styling with products to significantly shorten the time it takes for the hair to dry

On your shoulders while styling the hair, because the minimal fibers prevent the hair from latching onto the towel as well as prevent frizz.

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