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Mist Spray Bottle
Mist Spray Bottle
Mist Spray Bottle

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Mist Spray Bottle

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Moisture is the key to maintaining length in your natural hair growth process. That's why the Mist Spray Bottle is a true must-have for all curlygirls! This refillable ultra-fine and continuous spray bottle makes (re)styling fast and effortless.

Hydrates your hair

Travel size

Shows definition

Mist Spray Bottle



The Curlygirlmovement Mist Spray Bottle in short

Your curls have a personality of their own, which can make for some not-so-fun days with well-cooperative hair. One day your curls are limp and have almost no life in them, and the next day your curls bounce full of volume and shine.

Fortunately, the Mist Spray Bottle as the perfect solution to these problems with which you don't even have to wash your curls.

Normally, you have to wet your curls first with a wash to re-style when you want your tight curls back. Or to keep your frizz at bay. But when you use the Mist Spray Bottle, you can wet your hair with a few sprays and instantly re-style. Not to mention keep it defined and frizz-free.


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What are the benefits of the Mist Spray Bottle?

There are many benefits to the Mist Spray Bottle. We have listed some of them for you:

  • Moisturizes your hair without having to wash your hair first
  • Your curls are easy to restyle
  • Extra handy in the summer
  • Show again definition in your hair
  • Lint-free

Is the CG Mist Spray Bottle suitable for my hair type?

The CG water spray bottle can be used for any hair type. It is also possible to use the water atomizer spray for children.

The Mist Spray Bottle as the perfect travel size

The mist spray rehydrates and moisturizes your curls without making the whole head sopping wet. This 200ml spray bottle is also perfect for curlies on the go. You can easily put the spray in your bag and take it with you.

The product has the perfect travel size format. Put the water spray in your bag and take it with you easily and effortlessly. Touching up your curls has never been easier!

How do I use the Mist Spray Bottle?

Unscrew the nozzle to (re)fill the water sprayer. It is recommended to fill the bottle with water only. Pump a few times to get the spray going.

You can use the water sprayer to give your hair a refresher without washing your hair. For example, you can get right out the next morning!

The Mist Spray Bottle is easy to combine with other products from our brand Curlygirlmovement. Our other products can be found in the shop.

How often can I use the Mist Spray Bottle?

The Mist Spray Bottle is ideal to use between washes to refresh your curls.

Especially during the summer months when the sun is at its peak - it is important to really moisturize your curls enough.

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