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Sleeping Cap S/M
Sleeping Cap S/M

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Sleeping Cap S/M

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With the same fabric as our Curly Hair Towel, we have developed the perfect sleep cap curls for every Curlygirl! Thanks to the microfibers, you'll wake up the next morning without friction, frizz and knots in your curls. This will get you through the night protected!

CG Friendly

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Sleeping Cap S/M


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The Sleeping Cap in a nutshell

The stylish sleep cap not only keeps your hair frizz and tangles free, it also keeps your bunch of curls perfectly hydrated.

This way, you don't sleep on your curls and they keep their same beautiful shape the next day. The result: longer and stronger hair!

Size S/M (55-57 cm)


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Flip your head (and hair) forward. Pull the cap over your head from back to front.

Tuck the rest of your curls that are still sticking out into the cap, and make sure all your curls piled are on top of your head. This way, you don't sleep on your curls, and they still have the same beautiful shape the next day.

What are the benefits of the nightcap?

There are many benefits to using a sleep cap so you can protect your curls throughout the night.

We tell you all the main benefits:

  • Quick dry
  • Prevents frizzy curls and split ends
  • Prevents tangles
  • Absorbs moisture quickly
  • Your curls are not easily tangled

The cap is ideal for drying your hair and also prevents your wet hair from hanging down your neck.

Is the sleeping cap suitable for the Curly Girl Method?

Yes, the sleep cap, thanks to its microfibers, is suitable as an add-on to give you the best hair care in combination with the Curl Girl Method.

How do I use the sleep cap?
  1. Turn your head and hair upside down. Pull the cap through the back forward over your scalp. Make sure it is not too tight.
  2. Put the rest of your curls that are still sticking out into the cap. Make sure all your curls are piled on top of your head.
  3. This way you won't sleep on your curls and they will still have the same shape the next day.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made of threads that are not visible to the eye. They are so microscopic, hence the name microfiber. The threads used to make the towel are smaller than about 1/5th of a human hair.

Most microfiber towels contain different types of microfibers. The best known are polyester and nylon.

The smoothly woven microfiber fabric (no loops) prevents frizzy curls and keeps your hair from getting damaged. Also for normal, not curly hair, this sleep cap is great to use.

How else do I protect my hair besides the nightcap?

Use a satin pillowcase or a silk pillowcase

The sleep cap protects your curls, but you can take other precautions. For example, it's best to sleep on a satin pillowcase or a silk pillowcase.

These fabrics keep your curls from breaking off and it's also good for your skin. Your curl definition stays nicer and your hair stays healthier because it cannot chafe.

This is because with a cotton pillowcase, your skin and curls chafe against the fabric.

Satin prevents your hair from rubbing along your pillow, making it less likely to break and frizz. In addition, satin also ensures that your curls will not damage easily.

So a cotton pillowcase is better to avoid.

Sleep with a gel cast

If you like to wash your hair before sleeping, sleeping with a cast is another way to keep your curls beautiful.

A gel cast is a hard layer wrapped around your curls. This way, you wake up in the morning with dry curls that feel smooth.

How do I refresh my hair after sleeping with a nightcap?

In the morning, you take the nightcap off your head or remove the elastic from your loose bun. You may only need to shake your hair loose a bit, or it may be that more is needed.

  1. Shake your hair loose. Then decide what your curls need. Do you want more volume in your curl? Or do you still suffer from frizzy hair?
  2. Apply products that are CG friendly and will help get your curls shiny again through the day.
  3. Finally, use styling products and another product such as a brush or comb to create more volume at the roots of your hair.
  4. Then style your curls as desired with your favorite product.
  5. Don't forget to wash your sleep cap from time to time to prevent bacteria from getting in.

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