What is your curl type?

What is your curl type?

Where to start? Everyone has heard of curl types. The numbers and letters are literally all you see, but what do they mean?

Hold up! Before you buy everything at your local hair shop that doesn’t compliment your curl type, let’s take a deepdive into which types there are. Curl types tell you about the pattern of your hair; from slightly wavy to Z-curls and everything in between.

Like most Curlygirls you already know your hair contains a few different curl types. But don’t panic. When selecting products to keep up your routine, just look for the curl type that is most common throughout your hair. This will make your life a lot easier. Time to look at the different types, so you know exactly what to do after reading this blog.

Wave after wave

If you have straight hair, your hair is type one. But we want to tell you more about curls, so let’s start at two. Better known as wavy hair. People with this curl type usually categorize their hair in type one, with a little curl to it.

Curl type two varies from loose S-shaped waves to closed waves that are easy to recognize. To make your waves wave, you literally need to shake them up with the right products and your hands.

This curl type is broken down by the letters A, B and C:

  • Type 2A:
    The very loose wavy texture is usually found on people with fine and thin hair. The waves are usually visible towards the end of the hair.
  • Type 2B:
    S-shaped waves, here we come. This curl type has a more defined wave and usually starts halfway down a lock of hair.
  • Type 2C:
    This is what we call definition. The S-shaped waves of this curl type are defined, very visible and start close to the roots.

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    That has a nice ring to it

    If you say curls, you’ll probably envision the most famous curl type – type three. With a strong and defined pattern you can spot this one from a mile away. The curls start at the roots and are visible all the way to the ends. Famous or not, this curl type also comes in a few different varieties: from loose spirals to super defined ringlets.

  • Type 3A:
    This curl type looks very similar to type 2C, but it has a loose spiral shape to it that is even more defined.
  • Type 3B:
    This is the love child of a tight spiral shaped curl and a ringlet. And it’s most often described as a perfect pipe cleaner curl.
  • Type 3C:
    This tight ring(let) has Beyoncé green with envy. If we had to describe it, it would be: smaller curls with lots of bounce.

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    Who’s that curl?

    Last, but not least, we have curl type four. This is also called coily or kinky hair. With tight, closed and small curls it is one of the most voluminous patterns out there. But this also means that this curl type is subjected to less definition and length (read: shrinkage). Curl type four varies from a tight ringlet to a zigzag pattern and everything in between. Are you A, B or C (or all three)? You can find more info down below:

  • Type 4A:
    Get ready, because this tight ringlet likes to keep their own close by. Causing a denser coupe in comparison to other curl types.
  • Type 4B:
    This type has a sharp forming, which results in curls that look similar to the last letter of the alphabet: a Z-shaped curl.
  • Type 4C:
    This is the most closed and dense curl with a zigzag shape. If this is your curl type you’ll notice less definition and lots of shrinkage.

  • Curious to see which products work best for coily hair? Click here to take a look.

    Do you want to know more about waves, curls and coils or are you interested in getting up close and personal with your hair? In that case, check out our blog on porosity.

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