Type 3B Hair: Everything you need to know

Type 3B Hair: Everything you need to know

Is your hair naturally very springy and curly, does it sometimes sit perfectly (after hours of styling), and other days you just can't seem to make it work. Are you prone to dry and frizzy hair, then you probably have 3B hair. Type 3B hair is beautiful, but it can (literally) be a handful. We know that understanding your hair type is the first step in proper hair care and styling. But don't worry, we will tell you everything you need to know about this hair type.

What is type 3B hair?

Type 3B hair is known for its well-defined, springy curls that form a distinct spiral shape. These curls are tighter than those of Type 3A and often have a voluminous, bouncy quality. If you have Type 3B hair, you can expect your curls to be more compact and have a natural bounce that adds dimension to your mane.

Hair type 3B comes in different patterns since it's exactly in the middle of all hair types. Some might have thicker and drier hair, while others have a softer, thinner structure.. In this article we will focus on hair that's medium thick, a little drier and is more prone to frizz.

3B Hair

Differences between 3B Hair and other types

While all curly hair types share common characteristics, type 3B hair has some unique features that set it apart. The main difference lies in the tightness of the curls. Compared to type 3A, 3B curls are smaller in diameter and may require specific care to maintain their shape and definition. It's often drier and has densely packed curls. While type 3C hair is even more tightly coiled, this hair type is almost always dry.. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for tailoring your hair care routine to meet the specific needs of your type 3B hair.

How to care for type 3B hair.

Taking care of type 3B hair involves a combination of moisture, proper styling techniques, and the right curly hair products. As most curl types, hair type 3B tends to be on the even drier side, so prioritise moisture. Using our sulfate-free clarifying shampoo and our heavy conditioner to nourish your curls. Or go for a Co-wash. We will go deeper into that later. Incorporate a deep conditioning hair mask into your routine to provide your curls with the extra moisture they need. Aim for weekly or bi-weekly treatments to keep your curls hydrated and vibrant.

Enhance your natural curl pattern by using curl-defining products. Looking for a gel and styling milk can provide hold without stiffness, allowing your now defined curls to shine.

A brush is usually preferred when detangling your hair, but with this curl type using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to carefully detangle your curls is key. This helps prevent breakage and maintains the integrity of your curl pattern. 

While occasional heat styling is fine, avoid excessive heat tools to prevent damage. Using a blow dryer to quicken the process of drying is safer when using a diffuser. This will distribute the heat evenly and help define your curls. When using heat, always apply a heat protectant to shield your curls.

Protective hairstyles

Embracing protective styles is like giving your precious curly hair a little love and care! Think charming braids, cute wigs, lovely locks, and sweet twists. These darling hairstyles aren't just about looking fabulous; they're secret weapons for keeping your hair healthy and growing. Here's why rocking protective styles is a total win

No more annoying tangles or knots! Protective hairstyles work their magic by keeping your curly hair neatly tucked away and tangled free, saving you from those extensive battles when unknotting your curls.This way curly hair gets a break from all the tugging, pulling, and combing? A sweet escape from the daily hair struggle, leaving your natural hair feeling pampered and relaxed. -You're giving your hair the break it needs and deserves!

How to get the perfect curls

Curls generally fall flat at the roots when using a lot of product. So how do we get big curls that contain more moisture and are not frizzy? We are going to tell you all about our styling tips so you get the best out of your naturally curly hair.


When washing your hair we suggest using our sulfate-free CGM clarifying shampoo which is cleansing not stripping of your natural oils. This mild shampoo contains Green tea and ginger which are healthy for your scalp. To clean your scalp use your fingertips not your nails. Using the right shampoo is key for your curly hair, but your hair might be so dry you might not even want to use a shampoo a lot and we got the right solutions.

Co Wash

Deep cleansing with shampoo too often can be just a little too stripping for your hair. Our co-wash is the solution for anyone following the curly girl method who wants to wash their hair more than once a week. This is why we recommend alternating our products to retain as much moisture in the hair as possible.

The oils our scalp produces take longer to migrate to the hair strands when you own curls. With straight hair, this happens much faster. So when you wash your hair with a shampoo that contains a lot of harsh cleansers your hair stays dry. Curls are naturally drier anyway. A co wash helps with this, as it keeps your scalp hydrated. Use the same techniques as when shampooing your hair. Keep in mind that this is not a shampoo and will not lather.


Now you have clean hair! The next step is to give your hair that extra moisture with our conditioner. At CGM we have two types of conditioners. If you have thinner hair, which is not too dry we would advise to use our conditioner light. If you have dry hair or damaged hair we suggest using our conditioner heavy which contains more nourishing hair oil. When detangling your hair make sure it has a lot of slip by using enough conditioner. Using a wide toothed comb is preferable.

Styling methods

When styling your hair you need a few things, a leave-in conditioner to provide extra moisture and lock it in with a styling gel. We will give you our top tips using the CGM products. Separate your wet hair in two parts and add a small amount of our Curl Styling Milk. Comb or use your fingers untill the milk is evenly divided on your hair.

Separate your hair in multiple small sections. Take our Curly Defining Gel, use a generous amount and divide it on your hair. We would advise you to use a denman brush on small sections of your hair to get more definition. Use the finger coil technique on strands that are less curly. Twist your hair around your index finger and scrunch it to get defined ringlets.

When you're finished, scrunch out the excess water with our Curly Hair Towel that will protect your hair from getting frizzy. Since 3B hair takes a long time to dry and you don't always have time, use a diffuser on your blow-dryer. Turn your head upside and carefully cup upward with the blow-dryer on the lowest setting. Now you have beautiful bouncy curls. To give it just a little bit more volume use your wide-tooth comb to pick your roots carefully.

Now to maintain your hair during the night use our sleeping cap this will prevent frizzy hair in the morning and makes it easier to refresh your hair.

Embrace your curls

Remember, embracing and caring for your type 3B curls is all about celebrating your unique texture and individual beauty. Check out our other blogs and advice from the Curly Girl Movement, where we believe that every curl is worth celebrating!

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