No more dry curls in my life

No more dry curls in my life

Every curlygirl knows about this issue: dry hair. And let’s be honest, it’s not what we like to see. But we’ll rock them anyway. Keep in mind that wearing your hair out when it’s dry, may not be the best move. Because it can break off a lot easier. You did not work this long to create and maintain your length, for a few dry days to spoil the fun. Even though dry strands are inevitable from time to time, there are tips and tricks to avoid it. Here they come: 

Do NOT wash it too often
Healthy, hydrated curls are made during your wash routine. But if you think you need to hang your head in the sink on a daily, please stop! Washing it too often is not necessary and even harmful. Our advice: a wavy girl who doesn’t battle dry hair as much, can wash it up to two times a week. Curly and coily girls, stick to washing it once a week. Use a sulfate free shampoo while you’re at it. This does not strip as much of the natural oils off your hair, so they stay in place to help your curls bounce back. It’s as simple as that. Looking for the perfect shampoo for this job? The Clarifying Shampoo got your back. It cleans, but doesn’t dry out – exactly what we’re looking for.

Masks will become your best friend
Now that your hair leans towards the crispy side, let’s bring out the big guns. And by that we mean a nourishing mask. This product can be used on a regular basis, especially during times your hair feels a little drier. Masks give your curls a boost. Our recommendation would be to use it at least once a week. A deep conditioner that’s suited for your hair type is perfect for this. Don’t feel like going to the store, just make one yourself. Check out this recipe which only uses four (!) ingredients. The mask nourishes your curls, minimizes frizz and gives a lovely shine. Tell us that’s not the holy trinity of curly hair? We’ll wait.

Conditioner is crucial in your routine

Extra moisture is needed! Skipping steps in your hair routine is not the vibe at this time. And that means you always have to use a conditioner when washing. Pick one that suits your hair type best. This could be the Moisture Conditioner Light for wavy girls and people with fine hair. And the Moisture Conditioner Heavy for curly girls, coily girls and anyone that has seriously damaged curls. To top it off also use a leave-in conditioner during your styling routine. Apply this product as soon as possible after washing to give your curls time to soak it up.  A little extra love never hurt anyone and our Curl Styling Milk won’t either. It doesn’t just hydrate your curls, but will also make them less frizzy.

Oil to seal the deal
Hydrating is important, but sealing is a crucial step. After applying conditioners and masks, you want to lock in the moisture you so carefully added. That’s where oil comes into the picture. Use this as the last step in your styling routine. The oil will work as a protective barrier between the moisture and the outside world. How to do this? Scrunch a few drops (no more than that) into your curls and you’re set. The oils we’d recommend are: jojoba oil, caster oil and almond oil.

So, now you have all our tips to avoid dry curls. Are you trying them out and want to show us the results? Just post a picture to Instagram and use the hashtag #CGMLook. We love to look at your healthy, bouncy curls all day err’ day. 

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