8 Tips for more volume in your hair

8 Tips for more volume in your hair

A beautiful full head of curls that only screams one thing: volume! Who doesn't love that? We all do! Could you use some more tips on how to get the maximum volume out of your curly hair? Then make sure to read this article! Below you'll find a number of tips that ensure volume in your hair. This way you give curly hair more volume!

Tip 1: Work upside down

    Yes, we know, it sounds super uncomfy, and we're not going to lie, it kind of is. But the saying “beauty is pain” really comes into play here. Because in this case, gravity is your best friend!

    Doing your hair routine upside down will pull your curls toward the floor. If you carefully separate all clumps, you will also achieve more volume. When you stand up straight again, your roots will have more volume.

    Tip 2: Don't use too much water

      Water is key in your styling routine, we Curlygirls all agree on that. But if you're going for a voluminous look, we recommend you to take it easy on the aqua! Because too much water can weigh down your hair.

      Especially with wavy or thinner hair, this is something you should keep an eye on. So no, don't drown yourself in a soaking wet hair routine, but make sure it's wet enough!

      Tip 3: Don't wash your curls too often

        It is wise not to wash your curls too often. Shampooing curly hair too often can dry out your hair. To prevent your hair from feeling dry, wash your curls every few days.

        Tip 4: Use the right products for your hair

        Products that are too heavy weigh down your curls, pulling the curl out and causing you to lose your curl and volume.
        It's also possible that you use the right products, but that you make your hair heavier due to build-up. So if you suddenly notice that your hair is no longer cooperating, it is worth cleaning it well. Cleanse your hair with a final wash.

        The Curlygirlmovement Styling Milk and Defining Gel are perfect examples of 'less is more.' These are beautiful lightweights, but they give the maximum result!

        Tip 5: Use light products

        Just like with water, using too many (and heavy) products in your hair is not beneficial, especially if you want to go for volume. By using light products you prevent your hair from collapsing and getting less volume.

        Creams and butters can quickly be too much for your bunch of curls, so use hair products that are light for your hair.

        Tip 6: Our Curly Hair Towel

        Do not use a rough towel to dry your hair. This will damage your locks. Many curlies use a cotton t-shirt, but we have the perfect alternative.

        We know you have to love all your babies equally… but we secretly call the Curly Hair Towel our favourite! We are proud of this lovely double-sided towel that is here for you, no matter what mood you're in! The side with the fine waffle pattern ensures that more moisture is absorbed from your hair and voilà… more volume! What are you waiting for? Go get yours!

        Tip 7: Diffuse your curls

        Do you want extra volume? Then diffuse your curls completely dry for the most volume. A diffuser is an attachment for a hair dryer. This hair dryer attachment is specifically designed to maintain structure and prevent frizz. The way you dry your curls largely determines your volume. There are several ways to dry your curls. Extra volume guaranteed!

        Two well-known ones are Air Drying (drying in the air) and plopping your curls. You plop your wet hair after applying a styling product and before you start drying.

        But to really go for that maximum volume, grab your diffuser. Yes, upside down here as well. Use the medium or cool setting to protect your hair from the heat. But protection above all else, so make sure you have your heat protectant spray on hand to protect your beautiful head of curls from the heat!

        Use extra care products when blow-drying

        Before blow-drying, use a moisturizer or other care product to give your hair extra protection. This way you prevent frizz and dry hair.

        When your curls are completely dry, use your fingertips to massage your scalp.

        Tip 8: Pluff and scrunch!

        Okay... your curls are dry and gurrrrllll your volume is on point! But hold up, we're not done yet. Scrunch the layer of gel from your hair to soften your curls.

        Grab your afro comb to go that little bit higher and create even more volume. While it adds volume, using a comb too much will also damage your hair. So keep this in mind. Run your fingers through your hair for a while and don't worry too much about that little bit of frizz. Embrace the whole package!


        We are, of course, very excited when we see your beautiful curls styled with our products! Were these tips helpful to you, and are you now walking around with a voluminous head of Happy Curls? We don't wanna miss the fun! Share your photos with us using the hashtag #CGMLook on the Gram!

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