hydro hair mask & curl comeback

Meet our new hair masks: The Hydro Hug and Curl Comeback masks

Recently, we launched our new hair masks, the Hydro Hug and Curl Comeback. They are here to make your curls even more healthy. We understand that curly hair has its own set of needs, and that's why we created these gems just for you. So, let's dive into the goodness these masks bring to your curls!

Hydro Hug Hair Mask 
Give your curls some much-needed love with our Hydro Hug Hair Mask. Perfect for curly hair in need of intensive hydration, it aims to reduce frizz and dryness while leaving you with silky, hydrated curls. Packed with a powerful combo of coconut water, lychee, and honey, this hydrating treatment is the ultimate solution for those (unwanted) frizzy hair days. It's here to rescue your locks, providing intense hydration to leave your hair soft and frizz-free.

Curl Comeback Hair Mask 
Revive your hair with our Curl Comeback Hair Mask. It's perfect for those with dyed hair and curlies who frequently use heat on their hair but seek resilient, strong, and well-defined curls. This protein-rich treatment, infused with amino acids and dragon fruit, is your go-to solution for damaged curls, whether from heat, chemical treatments, or daily wear and tear. It's designed to help your hair bounce back to life.

Ready to turn your hair game up a notch? Make sure to incorporate our Hydro Hug and Curl Comeback hair masks into your routine. They are available on our webshop and in our store.

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