My name is Shamilla Dewi and I am the founder and creator of Curlygirlmovement.
I started this movement in 2014. As a little girl I struggled a lot with my curly hair. To me it was just a big mystery: What was I suppose to do with this hair?!

For years I would straighten out my curls. This was easier and in my mind I blended in more with straight hair than I did with curls. After years of using excessive heat on my hair I had no other choice but to do a big chop. I started doing a lot of research about curly hair and I created this platform called Curlygirlmovement. Here I would share all my knowledge about curly hair with other girls. My goal was to inspire other girls to embrace their natural curly hair as well.

No one can rock your brand of beautiful better than you!

Shamilla Dewi