Welcome to the very first Curly Hair Spa from Curlygirlmovement. Here it's all about you and your curls. We have created a place for you where you can pamper yourself, relax and learn all the ins and outs about your hair.
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Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Our hair is continuously exposed to various factors that are very stressful for the hair. Think of the sun, smog, dust, heat from blow drying, build up of hair products, but also chemical components from dyeing and bleaching the hair.

It is important to regularly rid the hair of all these components that adhere to the hair and scalp. We treat the hair with an advanced steam technology from Italy using warm steam consisting of millions of microscopic particles. Just like a facial steamer, the pores of your scalp open. This way your scalp is cleared of dirt and build-up. Let it breath! The heat of the steam makes your scalp sweat. Sweating clears the body of toxins.

Curly hair craves moisture. The microscopic water particles from the steam are so small that they can penetrate deep into the hair. Dry hair gets the hydration it craves in this way.

Upon entering you can take a seat at our bar or on the couch in our waiting room. There you will be provided with a drink. Every curly girl is unique and no one has the same hair. For that reason, we think it is important to sit down with the customer for 10 to 15 minutes at every appointment.

This conversation serves as an intake for new customers. In this way we know what your wishes / goals are and we can find out what your hair needs. The correct treatment is chosen based on this interview. This conversation serves as an evaluation for returning customers. How is your hair now, and what are the next steps we will take?

The Curlygirlmovement treatment:
The hair is cared for and steamed while you can enjoy an air flow massage. Then your hair will be washed and conditioned.

Styling and drying:

Now is the time to style and diffuse your hair. We think it is important that you not only have good hair days with us, but also at home. Our Spa treatment is at the same time a mini workshop. Where you learn everything about your hair. Do you have any questions in between? Don't hesitate to ask.

The Spa treatment is without a hair cut. With us, it's purely about taking care of your hair. The treatment lasts 1.5 hours. We have reserved this time especially for you. Our Curlygirlmovement specialist is fully at your disposal for 1.5 hours and does not treat other people in the meantime. This is your moment!

Sometimes you just don't feel like doing your hair yourself. Let's face it: Diffusing takes super long, and it also gives you enormous cramps in your arm. For moments like this you can now visit our Curlygirlmovement Store. One of our CGM girls is then ready to style and diffuse your curls with our products. It is important that you make an appointment on our website in advance.

Every last Sunday of the month you can come to us for the Curlygirlmovement workshop!

Become a master in grooming and styling curly hair. Learn all about the different characteristics of curly hair, selecting the right products and applying the right styling techniques. The nice thing about the workshops is that we work with live demonstrations that you as a student will also be a part of. We believe that you learn best by doing it yourself. We only have a limited number of places every month. So sign up soon!