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Author: Inge
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As unique as each curly hair is, everyone can achieve different results by applying products to the hair. Getting defined and frizz-free curls is not a benefit restricted to only one curl type, but the application technique of getting them differs from curl to curl! What works for me does not mean that it works for  you. It is important to try out what suits your hair best and what your own personal preference is.

I would like to go through the 3 basic techniques:

Raking Technique

This technique is to de-tangle curly hair. Using your fingers, rake the product through your curls from roots to tips. Once you have done this you can diffuse or air dry to complete the style.

Praying Hand Technique

Take a small section of your hair and form praying hands around your hair to smooth the product down on your curls from root to end. Keep smoothing with your hands to get even distribution of product from root to tip. Once you have done this you can diffuse or air dry to complete the style.

Scrunching Technique

Gather your hair in your hands and scrunch it up. Your hand movement should look almost like it would if you were wrinkling up a piece of paper in your hand. 

In addition, there are more techniques that you can try out like the Double Application, Smasters, 123 Gel and MousseGelMousse technique.

Double Application Technique

It’s basically applying product twice, while styling and then a second time (with wet hands) right after (wet) plopping or when you removed the excess water with a microfiber towel. I learned this technique from Allison @reallifecurlygirl

The Smasters Technique

Hereby you adding extra product with wet hands when your hair is 50% dry.


123Gel Technique

Apply first a little cream ( you can also use a leave-in) with the bowlmethosd and layer 3 gels on top,one after another. I know this technique by Liz @honestlizhere




Apply first a mousse then a gel and more mousse on top. I know this technique by Kelly @coffeecurlygirl.

Try to experiment with different techniques and amount of product to see wgar works best for your hair. We can go several ways with our curly hair!

My Preference

The Curly Girl movement products are lightweight, and have a perfect balance of protein/moisture, which is perfect for my hair since I have fine hair, medium density and high porosity hair.
Personally I prefer the scrunching technique for my hair because it’s giving me defined and bouncy curls.

Don’t give up on your products if you think that they don’t work for you. Try at least a different technique. I think it’s important to give new methods a chance, actually 3 full chances before you jump to conclusions.





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