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Yeeessss, it’s time! When you’re reading this, you have probably already started packing... But just a
liiiiittle more patience, because here we have listed the best tips for you and your curls. With these
tricks, you can look even more dazzling in all your travel pictures.

Tie your hair up when you’re swimming

Taking a refreshing dip in the water after a little sunbathing, who doesn’t love that? We all do of
course! Whether you’re at the beach, or sand-free at a swimming pool, your hair needs protection.
The salty seawater and the chlorine added to swimming pools can be damaging to our hair. So, your
hair should have as little contact with water as possible, and the best way to do this, is by tying it up.
Another thing to love, is that it will also keep our hair from tangling.

Rinse your hair continuously when swimming

Are you someone that can’t resist a dip in the water? Someone who just cannot stay away from the
sea or swimming pool? Well secretly, we totally understand. But you have to make sure to rinse your
hair thoroughly with clean water after every dive. By rinsing it with clean water, you can prevent the
chlorine or seawater staying in your hair for too long and minimize the damage.

Apply oil to your hair

Oil and water don’t mix. Applying some oil on your hair before you take that dive is a good idea, because it has the ability to repel water. This way it forms a protective layer over your hair which blocks the chlorine and salt. Which oil to use? Grapeseed oil. This is a lightweight oil that won’t make your hair look greasy, and on top of that, will provide your hair with sun-protection. Two birds with one stone!

(Co-)wash your hair regularly

Water? Sand? Or just time to wash your hair? Well, you’ve got options! If you want to wash your hair
properly, a quality shampoo is your best friend. If you are planning to have a daily swim, and to wash
your hair more often, you can make your curls happy by frequently refreshing them with a co-wash or
a good conditioner. This will keep your curls hydrated and prevent dry hair.

Keep your curls moisturized

The sun is our best friend! But not when it comes down to our hair, because too much sun exposure
will cause dehydration. So, what to do? The most important thing is to have moisturizing in your hair
care routine, like using a conditioner or hair mask regularly. Add our Curl Styling Milk to your routine
for extra hydration.

Protect your scalp

When it comes to sunbathing, we know that we have to protect our skin. However, what we often
forget, is the skin on top of our head, our scalp! If you have a parting in your hair, your scalp will be
exposed to the sun. So, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to these regions, or even better: wrap your
hair in a satin scarf or hair wrap. Your hair will definitely benefit from it.

Now that you’ve read all the tips, it’s time to enjoy your vacation. Let us in on the fun, by posting
your Curly Hair holiday pictures with the hashtag #CGMlook.
We can’t wait to see the photos of all of you and your beautiful curls!

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