Welcome to Curlygirlmovement!  

I started this movement in 2014 with one goal in mind: Create a movement of proud women embracing their natural hair. Women who have enough knowledge to get the best out of their hair.

Do you know the feeling where you tried every hair product out there, but nothing seems to work for your hair? After realizing that a lot of women are still searching for the perfect hair routine and products for their curly hair, I decided to create the Curlygirlmovement.

I used to think that my hair was a burden for several years, hence, why I would blow dry and flat iron my hair every single day for almost 4 years. As a result, it was severely heat damaged and even fell out in chunks. Additionally, I used a lot of bad hair product which made it even worse.

In 2014, I cut my hair very short, because I wanted to start all over again. And I wanted to do it right this time, so I decided to educate myself about curly hair. Overall, I would focus on questions such as: What are the different hairtypes? What ingredients are good for curly hair and what kind of ingredients should I avoid? How do I know what works on my hair? What is my porosity? After doing a lot of research, I wanted to share all of the answers to these questions on my blog and Youtube channel. Thus, the motto of Curlygirlmovement: Sharing is caring!

In 2016, I started with doing hair treatment and giving hair advice. I would go to my clients houses to help them find the perfect routine for their curly hair. And in 2017, I was able to establish a lovely home salon, where my customers can come for treatment and advice.

It took me more than a year. But I can finally announce that the first Curlygirlmovement hair products will be available this May 2018! With all of the knowledge that I gathered over the past several years, I created a styling milk and defining gel that combines perfectly and combats frizzy and dry hair.

This is only the beginning of what is yet to come. We will develop a lot more products in the future, so that every curlygirls (wavy, curly and kinky) can find her perfect hair routine!

So, are you still looking for the perfect hair products and routine for your hair? Don't look any further and join the movement!


Shamilla Dewi